1. Cone Beam CT Scan (3D CT scan)

This machine allows me to evaluate your jaw in 3D which helps me not miss any pathology like cysts, tumors, abscess. It also allows me to precisely plan Dental Implants in 3D without playing a guessing game until I open the flap. So I know exactly what to expect before the surgery.

2. IntraOral 3D scanner:

This machine uses laser technology to digitally scan your teeth, which means we do not need to use the awful impression material that makes everyone gag, in most cases. This also allows us to scan the digital file straight to the lab and not end up with shipping problems. It is also incredibly accurate down to the microns.

3. 3D Printer:

This is an exciting piece of technology which has numerous applications in Dentistry. I can print my own Night Guards for you after scanning your teeth with Intra oral scanner and planning in digital software.

I can also use this printer to print Surgical Guides. So I use the 3D CT scan(the 1st equipment), then scan your teeth (using 2nd equipment) and use the software to place the implants virtually in a software in proper bone away from the sinus and nerve and print the surgical guide on this printer which allow me to place the Implant in a perfect position every time, precisely in minutes.

4. HEPA Filter

We also got the Medify Hepa filters in the reception and the operatories which constantly filter the air down to 0.1 microns to keep you safe.

I hope most of you already know how passionate I am for what I do and that my office is my playground. This is the reason why, instead of buying a fancy car, I constantly choose to reinvest in the practice to bring the latest and most advanced technology to you.

Live Inspired,

Dr. Shah.